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Price: $125.99-5,999.99+ (30 day free trial)
License: lifetime (annual maintenance after 1st year: $49.99 to $799.99)
Requirements: Windows Server 2003/8/12 or Windows XP/Vista/7/8, SQL server 2005/8/12
Version: 3.2
Company: Inflectra Corporation

SpiraPlan Features

SpiraPlan project management software manages your project's requirements, user stories, tasks, bugs and issues in one integrated environment.

Features include:

  • Includes 1 year of software maintenance (phone/email support and product updates).
  • SpiraPlan is also available as a hosted service: $24.99 to $479.99 per month.
  • Open platform source code integration.
  • Create, edit, assign, manage and complete project tasks, incidents.
  • Assign owner, business priority and completion status.
  • Centralized timecard.
  • Email notifications.
  • Define custom incident fields/properties.
  • Create, edit and delete requirements in a hierarchical 'scope matrix' organization.
  • Assign importance levels to requirements based on business priority.
  • Assign owners and track requirement completion status.
  • Assign effort estimate to each requirement.
  • Decompose each requirement into a detailed task list.
  • Audit log of all changes made to requirements.
  • Rollback to prior versions.
  • Specify the resources available per release.
  • Determine the available effort for assigned requirements and tasks.
  • View the aggregate estimated vs. actual progress of tasks.
  • Track resolution of an incident.
  • Determine available effort for each iteration.
  • Schedule requirements and tasks against iterations.
  • Planning Board: visualize requirements, tasks and incidents in each iteration.
  • Create new incidents (defects) during test scripts.
  • Add and/or modify the list of statuses, priorities, defect types and severities.
  • Fully customizable workflows.
  • Export incidents to JIRA, Bugzilla and Microsoft Team Foundation Server issue tracking system.
  • Full traceability: view the details of each revision, incident, requirement and task.
  • Support for multiple Version Control / Software Configuration Management (SCM) providers.
  • Document management fully integrated.
  • Integrate with continuous integration build servers.
  • Link source code revisions to specific builds.
  • Personalized dashboard summary.
  • Project summary dashboard coded by importance.
  • Free upgrades and support for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • Unlimited requirements, releases, test cases and incidents.
  • Supports Scrum, Agile Unified Process (AUP), Extreme Programming (XP) and Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM).
  • Screenshot capture capability.
  • Support for multiple Languages.
  • WYSIWYG text editing.
  • Integration with other tools/applications.
  • Data import wizard: migrate data via Microsoft Excel, Word or Project