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Price: $4.99-39.99 per month
Requirements: online, Windows (XP/Vista/7)/Mac OS X
Company: SugarSync, Inc.

SugarSync Features

SugarSync is an online back up service which lets you backup, sync, access, and share all your files on-the-go.

Features include:

  • Online backup:
    • Secure, continuous, and automatic file backup.
    • No manual upload/scheduling required.
    • Up to 32GB of free storage.
    • Backup any folder on your computer.
    • Real-time upload of changes.
    • Versioning with ability to restore.
    • Edit files remotely and synch across computers and device.
    • Web file archive.
    • Publish photos directly to Facebook.
    • Upload mobile photos to PC.
    • Stream music and videos to your phone.
    • Share public link.
    • SugarSync for Outlook.
  • Automatically sync files across multiple devices:
    • Sync with multiple computers.
    • Sync files only to special folder.
    • Select any folder on your computer to sync.
    • Select which folders to sync across computers.
    • Sync shared folders between people.
    • Offline synching.
    • Upload/sync via email.
  • Share and Collaborate:
    • Send files of any size, folders, photo albums.
    • Share with permissions.
  • Security:
    • Encrypted on transfer using SSL and stored securely using 128-bit AES.
    • Redundant data storage.
  • Anytime, anywhere access - cross-platform support:
    • Access all files from web browser.
    • Supports iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, Symbian app, Kindle Fire, and mobile websites.
  • Offers open API to allow for integration with 3rd-party apps.