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Price: $99.95/149.95/249.95+ per month
Company: Vendio Services, Inc.

Vendio Features

Vendio is a multi-channel ecommerce platform helping you to list on eBay, set up a Facebook store, and publish on Amazon.

Features include:

  • Vendio Reviser.
  • Image hosting and watermarking.
  • Vendio Reports.
  • ZoomStream images.
  • Vendio Counters Pro.
  • Store widget.
  • Integration with Google Wallet.
  • Buyer appreciation emails.
  • Discounted USPS postage and integrated label printing.
  • Mobile optimized gallery.
  • EBay merchants features:
    • Inventory or date-based scheduled launches (no eBay scheduling fee).
    • Reusable eBay launch, policy and shipping profiles.
    • Reusable profiles and automation for eBay second chance offers.
    • Multiple eBay user ID support.
    • Automatic eBay re-launch when an item sells with Buy-It-Now.
    • EBay multi-variation creation.
    • No transaction fees.
    • Live listing reviser.
    • Automated emails to bidders and buyers.
    • Scrolling gallery.
    • 200+ professionally designed listing templates.
  • Web store and Facebook features:
    • Sell items on Facebook.
    • Unlimited web store SKUs.
    • Over 50 professionally designed store templates.
    • Completely customizable (HTML, XML, CSS) Web store.
    • WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop design editor.
    • Use own domain or have it hosted.
    • Integrated, ad-free shopping cart with no software installation.
    • Unlimited categories and subcategories.
    • Unlimited bandwidth.
    • TRUSTe certified, SSL encrypted and PCI compliant.
    • Shopping cart integration.
    • Google Analytics account.
  • Amazon merchants features:
    • Amazon Seller Central (Professional Merchant) support.
    • MWS support (Amazon Marketplace Web Service).
    • ASIN support.
    • Bulk match the Amazon catalog using ASIN, UPC, ISBN, EAN, or title (NEW!).
    • Catalog support for product variations.
    • Import Amazon products.
    • Shared inventory with Vendio store.
    • Amazon sales, profit, costs and tax reports with merchant-enabled automation and adjustments.
  • Sales and orders management:
    • One sales dashboard for all your selling channels.
    • Automatically send tracking number to eBay.
    • Automatic inventory reduction for orders.
    • Send order tracking link to customer automatically via email.
    • Accept Google Wallet,, PayFlow Pro and PayPal.
    • Accept offline payments for Web store (checks, money orders).
    • Customizable customer communication emails.
    • Automated discount shipping insurance options.
  • Marketing features:
    • Add SEO features.
    • Automated feed to Google Product Search.
    • Optimized for mobile devices, including Apple iPhone and iPad.
    • Automated coupon system.
    • Store gallery widget for use in blogs or emails.
    • Branded single page checkout for buyers.
    • Specify cost price and see profit reports.
    • Vendio gallery with traffic booster.
  • Multi-Channel Inventory Control:
    • Real-time inventory management.
    • Enhanced inventory sharing.
    • FBA support.
    • Advanced bulk editing features.
    • Multiple channels product code editing.
    • Complete variation support.
    • Quickly update products and inventory using a spreadsheet (CSV).
    • Import products directly from eBay and/or Amazon.
    • Profile management.
    • Low inventory quantity alerts.
    • Spell checker and HTML editor for product descriptions.
  • Customer Service:
    • Complete account set up and training.
    • Phone access customer service and account development teams.