Web Creator Pro Homepage
Web Creator Pro Pricing
Price: $119.95
License: lifetime (free updates on current version)
Requirements: Windows
Version: 6
Company: LMSoft

Web Creator Pro Features

Web Creator Pro 6 website builder software enables you to create a website with no programming required.

Features include:

  • Real-time visual editor.
  • Add content and special effects.
  • 29+ types of elements can be inserted with a single click including, menus, texts, social networks, forms, and videos.
  • Add headers, footers, gradients, rounded corners, and transparency.
  • Build boxes for presentation of all kinds.
  • Adjust the colors of your website to match exactly those of your company or logo.
  • Customized web development service.
  • Integrated upload, video conversion, and SEO tools.
  • Make all updates yourself.
  • Wide variety of templates.
  • Drag and drop.
  • Create a mobile version optimised for tablets and smartphones.
  • Upload your project to any host with the integrated FTP utility.
  • FTP site manager for more advanced tasks.
  • Accordions let you dynamically structure your site.
  • Large library of graphic elements.
  • Graphic designs like drop shadows, semi transparent areas, banners, frames, titles, and buttons.
  • Create customized graphic elements directly in Web Creator Pro.
  • View files on your server as simple folders.
  • Download and upload with two pane design: select files, their destination, and click on the arrow in the middle.
  • Panels: group a set of elements, such as a frequently used product list, into a single entity.
  • Opening projects: group a set of elements, such as a frequently used product list, into a single entity.
  • Alignment tools: align, resize, and space out elements all with one click.
  • Layout assistant: grids and guidelines allow you to reposition elements.
  • Detect tablets and Smart phones: automatically choses the correct display mode for Smart phone, tablet, and desktop viewing.
  • Tabs: display your sub pages all in one place with a tab.
  • Popups: change the focus from one page to another without them leaving your site.
  • Google Maps: insert a Google map.
  • Google Translate: translate your site to any language in a single click.
  • Google Analytics: insert Google analytics code into your site.
  • Iframe: choose an area in your page to show another one you select.
  • Online payments via PayPal.
  • Place an element in another and it becomes a "child" automatically.
  • Floating blocs technology: options like float and auto height.
  • Web Creator community forum access.
  • Manuals, tutorials, and FAQs.
  • Online technical support.