Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Do you have a glass ceiling or imaginery force that prevents you from achieving major success? Do you want to break through that glass ceiling?

Here is the true story of how I broke through my mine.

One of the biggest revelations of my life happened to me at a seminar in 2006. I was attending a 3 day financial success seminar in Sydney, Australia, organized by Mal Emery.

This was my first seminar but it was what I thought it would be: a room full of self-confessed seminar junkies. Experts would preach on stage for about an hour or two on all manner of products from copywriting to real estate investing.

At the end of their speech they pitched their high priced products - I am talking thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars for a single product.

I cannot remember most of the speakers but I do recall seeing Stephen Pierce and Ted Nicholas. Ted was very lively and entertaining, especially for someone so 'mature' in his years.

All those speakers on stage were supposedly very successful at what they do and making a lot of money. Yet they had nothing in common, at least not from what I could see.

They came in all different sizes. Some were tall, short, thin, 'plump', young, old, male, female. Some were more attractive than others. Some even came across as a bit 'shady', although I'm sure they weren't.

I thought I was doing okay but these people seemed to be so much more successful than I was. By the end of the seminar I didn't learn anything worth noting from the speakers.

Profound Realization

But I suddenly realized something. It was something so profound that it changed my life. I realized that if all of these people with nothing in common from what I could see, or had any special abilities to speak of, could all be incredibly successful and make lots of money, then why couldn't I?

There was no good reason that I could think of that I couldn't achieve the same level of success and make as much money as those people on stage.

In that moment the invisible success and income ceiling that had always subconsciously hovered above my head disappeared. I'm not sure why it was there - it just was. Maybe it was due to my upbringing. We were always quite poor, so the concept of making a lot of money just wasn't something that belonged in my head.

Anyway, I no longer felt like I wasn't worth it. I felt like I was free and able to be as successful and make as money as I wanted. From that moment on I felt like I could, and decided that I was going to achieve a far greater level of success than I had experienced up to that point in my life.

Increased Income by 207% in 18 Months

The result? I increased my six-figure income by 207% in just over 18 months.

It sounds corny but I never imagined when I discovered the internet back in 1997 that I would one day make the kind of money I am making now.

It's probably not a lot of money by some people's standards. But for someone from a dirt poor background, left nothing but a burden of debt when his dad passed away (mum left dad when I was eight), who never made it to college, and was scraping a living as a waiter for ten years, it's a dream come true.

Limiting Beliefs

Did you know that when sales people start a new job, they tend to make only as much money as they did at their old job?

For some unknown reason when they reach the previous income level they would stop and not make any more even though they may have plenty of time left. Isn't that odd?

Psychologists tell us that we set these 'glass ceilings' based on our beliefs. When we hit our success ceiling, it triggers limiting beliefs that reinforces the ceiling.

The result is that we subconsciously do things that stops us from going above the glass ceiling. In short, limiting beliefs are mental blocks that stand in the way of success for most people.

I never knew I had this limiting belief. I am happy I have been able to break through my invisible glass ceiling. I hope my story inspires you to break through yours.

About the author: Michael Wong is the editor of and author of, which shows people how to make money online. Mike entered the internet industry in 1998. He sold a website to a SoftBank funded start-up in 2000. He wrote one of the earliest SEO books in 2002. And he's generated millions in online revenue since then.
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