Sample Reciprocal Link Request Email Subject Titles

Here are some sample subject titles:

Reciprocal link exchange request...
I have added a link to your website...
I have linked to your website...
I would like to exchange links with you...
I want to trade links with your site...

You notice that they are straight forward and to the point? Webmasters are busy people, so get straight to the point of the email in the subject line. Don't use fancy headlines. Feel free to use or edit them as you see fit.

Sample Reciprocal Link Request Email You Can Use

Here's a sample email:

<--- START

Dear Sir/Madam

I have visited your website and found it to be most useful. As such I have added the following text link to your website on my partner/info/resources (delete as applicable) webpage.

Your Site Title - offers a free online keyword density tool. (This is their text link, which you have added to your page) (show them where their link is placed on your site)

I would be most grateful if you would add a text link to our website in return. (Ask for the link back to your site)

My website offers reviews of the best internet marketing tools & software, which I am sure your visitors would find most useful. (Tell them what your website is about and why they should link to you)

I have attached a text file containing our link to this email for your convenience.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Full name,
CEO, My Company, Inc.

END --->

I highly recommend you edit the sample email to suit your own style of writing.

Sample Reciprocal Link Attached To Email

Notice that I didn't include the link in the email. Instead I have included it in a text file [Mikes-Marketing-Tools-Link.txt] attached to the email.

<a href="">Mike's Marketing Tools</a>
is the leading review site for the very best internet marketing tools.

The reason for this is because some email clients, such as AOL, execute the HTML link in the email. The result is that the email recipient sees the link, instead of the link HTML code.

Alternatively you could provide the link code on a webpage on your site, and provide a link to the page in the email.

How To Create Reciprocal Links For Optimum Results

Here are some tips on how to swap links for optimum results:

In General You Should Link To Your Home Page

Search engines consider the home page as the most important on a website. So getting everyone to link to it will boost its chances of moving up the rankings.

Use The Exact Keyword Phrase As The Link Text

The reason is that search engines will consider the keywords in the link text as the keywords the site (linking to you) is 'recommending' your website for.

Make Sure The Link Text Is In The Landing (Linked To) Page

Otherwise search engines will disregard the page as relevant to a search query for the keywords in your link text.

Word The Link Description To Attract Click Throughs

Your reciprocal link exchange partners can and will send you free visitors, so take advantage of this by selling your website to visitors who visit your link partners' links page.