Search Engine Submission Software That Automates The Submission Process

Search engine submission software can automate the tedious task of submitting hundreds of webpages to the search engines.

NOTE: It is extremely important that you only use search engine submission software that simulates manual submissions, as most search engines have banned automated submissions that simply submit URLs without any regard for the search engine's submission guidelines and limits.

Here is a recommended search engine submission software program that I use, which simulates manual submissions:

  • SEO PowerSuite: Searches the internet looking for suitable reciprocal link exchange sites, based on the keywords you give. Arelis then evaluates each site, sets up a links directory and uploads it to your server. It then helps you email potential link partners by sending personalized reciprocal link email requests, after you visit and approve those sites you wish to include into your links directory.

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Online Search Engine Submission Services That Automates The Submission Process

Online search engine submission services are similar to their software counterpart, except they are hosted online rather than on your computer. As with search engine submission software, you should only use an online search engine submission service that simulates manual submissions.

Be careful of which online search engine submission service you use. Many of them are very basic in design, often designed before search engines starting banning automated submissions.

Many claim to submit your site to hundreds of thousands of search engines. That is just marketing hype. The fact is there aren't that many search engines on the internet. The vast majority of the search engines these services claim to submit to, are either small directories or link pages, with little or no traffic.

Another problem with the majority of online submission services is that they do not take into account that search engines only accept a maximum number of URLs from one site, per day. What happens is that people end up submitting too many URLs, which are either ignored, rejected or get the site banned.

How Long Does It Take To Get Indexed?

Once you have submitted your site to the search engines, it may take up to eight weeks or more, depending on the search engine, for your site to appear in the search results.

Why does it take so long?

The answer is that it takes search engines that long to crawl and index the billions of pages on the web. In addition, some of the major search engines receive up to several hundred thousand submissions a day.

A lot of people do not understand why it takes so long for their site to get indexed. They get impatient after a few days of not being able to find their site in the search engines. As a result, they resubmit their site again and again in the hope of speeding up the indexing process. This does not speed up the indexing process. Instead, it will get your site blacklisted.

You must be patient when it comes to the search engines. You either play by their game, or not at all. In general, I suggest that you wait 6-8 weeks, before resubmitting a URL.

How To Submit To Foreign Search Engines

Be careful of search engine submission software and online services claims that they will submit your site to thousands of search engines.

More often than not a good percentage of those search engines are foreign, non-English search engines and directories.

In general it can be difficult to get indexed by foreign search engines because:

  • most foreign engines only accept websites ending with their country code extension (e.g. ".de" for Germany).
  • they only websites belonging to its country's citizens, permanent residents, and companies.
  • many foreign search engines only accept websites in their local language. It can be difficult and expensive to translate a site into a foreign language.
  • Many foreign search engines only accept websites that are hosted locally. It can be expensive to co-host a site in another country. The costs can quickly add up if you had to rent server space for every country you wanted to host your site in order to comply with local search engine registration policies.

So in general unless your main target audience is non-English speaking, I advise against spending much, if any, effort in submitting to foreign search engines. It just isn't worth it.