What Is Keyword Prominence?

Keyword prominence is the concept that keywords placed near the beginning of a webpage, paragraph, sentence, and HTML tags (Title, Meta Description, etc.) are given more weight than the keywords on the rest of the page.

I do recommend that you try to make your most important keywords more prominent by placing them near the beginning of a page, paragraph, sentence and HTML tag.

What Is Keyword Proximity?

Keyword proximity refers to the closeness between two or more keywords. In general, the close the keywords are, the better.

For example:

We sell delicious biscuits for all breeds of dogs!

We sell the most delicious dog biscuits in the World!

All things being equal, if a search is for 'dog biscuits," the second sentence is more likely to rank higher, than the first, because its keywords are closer together.

So always try to sprinkle the most important keyword phrase/s, in addition to individual keywords, in your text.

Why You Must Add Important Keywords To The Title Tag On Every Page

Major search engines give a great deal of relevance to keywords in the TITLE tag. As such, you should always include the Title tag along with your most important keywords on every page.

In general, I have found that short keyword rich title descriptions work best, as this maximizes the keyword density.

Here are some examples of good title tags:

<TITLE>WebPosition Gold Review<</TITLE>

<TITLE>Canon Digital Camera</TITLE>

<TITLE>Cheap Flights</TITLE>

And examples of poor title tags:

    <TITLE>WebPosition Gold - Search Engine Optimization Software</TITLE>

    <TITLE>Up To 50% Off Digital Cameras</TITLE>

    <TITLE>Cheap flights, tickets, air travel and much more!</TITLE>

How To Improve Keyword Relevance In Body Text

To improve the relevance of keywords in body text:

  • place your important keywords near the beginning of the page, paragraph, or sentence.
  • write the first paragraph as if it were the description for the page, because some search engines extract the first couple of lines of a page to be used as the search result description.
  • Spread your important keyword phrase/s and individual keywords throughout the body text.

Why You Must Add Important Keywords To Headline Tags

Major search engines place a deal of relevance on keywords in headline tags (H1, H2 and H3). Therefore you should always sprinkle keyword rich headline tags throughout a webpage, starting with the largest headline tag (H1) and working your way down (H2, H3, etc.).

Sample headline tags:

<H1>Search Engine Optimization</H1>


<H3>Meta Tags</H3>

Why You Should Include Keyword-Rich Alt Tags With Images

Always include a keyword-rich ALT tag to describe the contents of an image, as some search engines index the keywords contained within the tag.

You will also provide a text description of the image to visitors with slow download connections or have their images turned off. To ensure that the text is visible, you mustvset the image's width and height dimensions.

The use of ALT tags also enables visually disabled visitors using screen readers or reviewers to interpret the image on the screen. Images can be translated, only if there is alternative text describing the image.

Also consider adding a period "." at the end of the ALT tag, so that someone hearing the page can tell where one image stops and another starts.

Sample ALT tag:

<IMG SRC="image.gif" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="100" ALT="Important Keywords.">