Ecommerce Software

The Ecommerce Software section contains ecommerce, web development, and business software, products, and services that will help you build and manage your personal, business and ecommerce websites.

earthskater screenshot
Price: $34.95-74.95/mth | Tags: shopping cart, ecommerce solution, ecommerce hosting
Earth Skater offers a shopping cart solution that allows you to build, run and market an online store. Features: free online store set-up and design, 99.999% uptime, free domain name, secure hosting, unlimited bandwidth, real-time tracking, and merchant account integration.
codelobster screenshot
Price: free/$39.95-119.95 | Requires: Windows | Tags: php editor, html editor, javascript editor
CodeLobster offers an editor for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript development with optional plug-ins for popular CMS and frameworks. Features: PHP debugger, HTML/CSS code inspector, HTML toolbar, code folding, project manager, SQL manager, portable option, and Zen coding. screenshot
Price: free/$1ph/$49pm | Requires: Windows/Mac | Tags: help desk software
Desk help desk software lets you see your customers in one place and engage with them across multiple support channels. Features: multichannel ticket management, priority queuing, bulk updates, universal inbox, support to go, multilingual, business insights, and KPI reporting.
H2Desk screenshot
Price: $19.99-149.99+/mth | Tags: help desk software
H2Desk offers a web based help desk software that lets you answer support tickets using predefined replies. Features: multichannel ticket management, multilingual, performance insights, auto and canned response, capture link clicks, alerts, customizable, and self service creation.
Kayako screenshot
Price: $29-49/mth or $599-999+/1-time | Requires: Windows/Mac/Linux, PHP, mySQL | Tags: help desk software
Kayako offers both cloud based or downloadable help desk software helping you with customer support and assistance for your clients. Features: live chat, ticket and email management, support center, self-service, remote desktop control, end-of-ticket surveys, API, and click-to-call.
LiveHelpNow screenshot
Price: $9-21/mth | Tags: help desk software
LiveHelpNow help desk software offers live chat, trouble ticket-email, callback and knowledge base management for websites. Features: reporting, whisper technology, spelling checker, email/chat to ticket integration, ticket assignment and triggers, chat invitations, and callback notifications.
Web Help Desk screenshot
Price: $495+ | Requires: Windows/Mac/Linux/Solaris | Tags: help desk software
Web Help Desk help desk software offers web-based ticketing, change management, IT asset management, and knowledge base. Features: calendar collaboration, ticket, help desk, account management, content, SLA task, asset and billing management, and on-demand reporting.
Box screenshot
Price: free/$15+/mth | Requires: Windows/Mac/iOS/Android | Tags: cloud storage
Box is a cloud storage service that allows you to store, access, and manage files online. Features: 5GB free, content management, 256-bit SSL and AES encryption, desktop sync, SimpleShare, user access permissions, online workspace, instant file viewing, and mobile support.
iCloud screenshot
Price: $20-100/yr | Requires: Windows/Mac/iOS | Tags: cloud storage
ICloud is Apple's online cloud storage designed for accessing content on all iOS devices. Features: 5GB free, iTunes sync, Photo Stream, document viewing and editing, automatic app download on all devices, iBooks sync, save bookmarks from Safari, Find my Phone, and Find my Friends.
Webs screenshot
Price: free/$4.95-24.95/mth + $5-15 set-up | Tags: free website, website builder, web hosting, ecommerce solution
Webs free website builder lets you put your business, group, or personal website online. Features: website building tools, website templates, WYSIWYG interface, custom domain, upload your own logo, business applications, website packages, web analytics, and web store.
Wix screenshot
Price: free/$4.95-19.90/mth | Tags: free website, website builder, web hosting, ecommerce hosting
Wix lets you create a free website with a choice of 100s of webpage templates. Features: HTML5/Flash, no coding, drag-and-drop webite builder, add-ons, set-up online store, unlimited storage/bandwidth, mobile sites, Facebook pages, blogs, custom domain, and 24/7 support.
Yola screenshot
Price: free/$4.95-19.95/mth | Tags: free website, website builder, web hosting, ecommerce solution
Yola lets you create an ad-free website using its website builder. Features: drag-and-drop functionality, publish to mobile phones, Facebook, and the Web, 100+ customizable styles, add HTML/CSS, custom domain, online store, sell digital goods, and paying gateway integration.
Zettahost screenshot
Zettahost offer free web hosting, as well as reseller, semi-dedicated, and VPS hosting. Features: unlimited disk space and monthly traffic, 50+ scripts, 3 free website builders, Joomla and WordPress templates/hosting, SSL certificates, data backup, DNS management, and virus protection.
Zoho Sites screenshot
Price: free/$39-49/yr | Tags: free website, website builder, web hosting
Zoho Sites offer free websites with no ads, and yearly plans with additional features. Features: drag-and-drop, unlimited storage/bandwidth, mobile websites, payment buttons, 1-click publish, custom logo, customize themes, multiple pane layouts, and HTML/CSS control.
Ultimate Financial Forecaster screenshot
Price: $79 | Requires: Windows | Tags: business plan software
Ultimate Financial Forecaster business plan software helps you build a set of financial projections, with reports and charts. Features: profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash plans, sales projections, expense budgets, ratio analyses, break even analyses, sales by category, expenses by category, and unlimited "what if" scenarios.
Sales and Marketing Pro screenshot
Price: $179.95 | Requires: Windows | Tags: business plan software
Sales and Marketing Pro business plan software helps you create unlimited sales and marketing plans. Features: expert advice built-in, forecast commissions, track key accounts, forecast your commissions, sales forecasting, create projections and budgets, and share plans online.
LivePlan screenshot
Price: $19.95/mth | Tags: business plan software
LivePlan business plan software provides 500+ sample business plans to help you create a professional plan. Features: automatic financial forecasting, financial tables, forecast sales and expenses, bank, investor, and SBA approved formats, team collaboration, Mac/PC, built-in formulas, and automatic charts.
Cloud My Office screenshot
Price: $35.97/46.28/49.49/mth | Tags: hosted desktop
Cloud My Office offers hosted desktops in the cloud that let you access your applications from any device, anywhere. Features: daily offsite backups, redundancy, managed software upgrades, SSL 128 bit encryption, version management, redundant raid storage, collaboration tool, and up to 100% guaranteed uptime.
tuCloud screenshot
Price: $29.99-79.99/user/mth | Tags: hosted desktop
TuCloud offers fully managed hosted desktops to organizations with more than 100 desktop users. Features: USB plug-n-play desktop connectivity, smartcard authentication., adaptive orchestration, source encryption, WAN optimization, distributed architecture, intrusion detection, anti-malware and antivirus monitoring.
Web Hosting Hub screenshot
Web Hosting Hub helps you build a small business website with shopping cart and content management system. Features: control panel, website builder, unlimited websites/disk space, unlimited email, unlimited bandwidth, ecommerce tools, no downtime transfer, and shared SSL.
Webnode screenshot
Price: free/$2.95-49.95/mth | Tags: web hosting, free web hosting, website builder, ecommerce solution
Webnode provides free web hosting, business websites, and an ecommerce solution. Features: use your own domain, register a new domain, templates, personal, business, and ecommerce websites, mobile version, no ads, and no installation, configuration, or technical skills.
aMember screenshot
Price: $179.95 | Requires: Unix/Linux/Apache, PHP, MySQL | Tags: membership software
AMember membership software enables you to sell digital products and downloads. Features: web-based administration, multiple payment system, API, language support, customizable themes, subscription system integration, payment processor, affiliate program, and email management.
EasyMemberPro screenshot
Price: $97/297 | Requires: Linux, PHP5, mySQL | Tags: membership software
EasyMemberPro membership software enables you to create content rich memebership sites. Features: point and click setup, multiple membership levels, affiliate & member management system, content protection, drip feed system, autoresponder integration, and payment processor integration.
Wishlist Member screenshot
Price: $97/297 | Requires: online, PHP, WordPress | Tags: membership software
Wishlist Member membership software can turn any WordPress blog into a membership website. Features: autoresponder and shopping cart integration, multi-level flexible membership options, member management, controlled viewed content, content protection, and secure RSS feeds.
MemberGate screenshot
Price: $197/mth or $3,995 + $34.95/mth | Requires: Windows, Cold Fusion | Tags: membership software
MemberGate is an all-in-one membership software for building and managing subscription websites. Features: web site content manager, subscription manager, affiliate program, shopping cart, SEO, surveys, polls, calendars, payment processing, RSS feed generator, and content syndication.
Memberize screenshot
Price: $150/300/1,250 (1-time) + $50-215/mth | Tags: membership software
Memberize online membership software offers membership, event, communication, and website content management in one package. Features: searchable member directory, member stats and reports, online registrations and event attendance tracking, RSVP, forums, and surveys.
Carbonite screenshot
Price: $59-599/yr | Requires: Windows/Mac | Tags: online backup
Carbonite is an online backup service that backs up documents, emails, music, photos, and settings. Features: unlimited storage, automatic scheduling, local backup, versioning, prioritization recovery, mobile access, drive redundancy, Blowfish encryption, and SSL technology.
IBackUp screenshot
Price: $9.95-299.95/mth | Requires: Windows/Mac/iOS/Android | Tags: online backup
IBackUp offers online backup, storage and sharing for PCs, Macs, and servers. Features: data compression and encryption, virtual folder access, scheduling, logging, versioning, collaboration, file synchronization, mapped drive backup, supports open and locked files.
IDrive screenshot
Price: free/$4.95-79.95/mth | Requires: Windows/Mac | Tags: online backup
IDrive offers online backup across unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices with a single account. Features: 5GB free, versioning, continuous data protection, synchronization, incremental and compressed backups, data encryption, and activity reports.
SugarSync screenshot
Price: $4.99-39.99/mth | Requires: Windows/Mac | Tags: online backup, cloud storage
SugarSync is an online back up service which lets you backup, sync, access, and share all your files on-the-go. Features: data encryption, redundant storage, versatile platform, 3rd-party integration, file and folder sharing, collaboration, multiple device synchronization, and web file archive.
MyPCBackUp screenshot
Price: $9.95-49.95+/mth | Requires: Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android/BlackBerry | Tags: online backup, cloud storage
MyPCBackUp is an online backup service that boasts unlimited storage and automatic backups with no restrictions. Features: encrypted, mobile access, file versioning, authentication, search & restore, back up sets, onsite monitoring, select backup/recovery, and archive tampering detection.
Vendio screenshot
Price: $99.95-249.95+/mth | Tags: ebay listing software, facebook store
Vendio is a multi-channel ecommerce platform helping you to list on eBay, set up a Facebook store, and publish on Amazon. Features: image hosting, watermarking, discounted USPS posting, SEO, spell checker, sales and order management, and WYSIWYG editor.
Auctiva screenshot
Price: $3.95-19.95/mth | Tags: ebay listing software
Auctiva eBay listing software will help you list faster and sell more on eBay. Features: 15-unlimited eBay listings per month, 500MB-2GB image hosting, 1,800+ eBay templates, scrolling gallery, auto-marketing emails, image hosting, Sellathon counter, integrated shipping labels, 1-page lister, image supersizing, and sales management.
AuctionSound screenshot
Price: $24.99-579.99+/mth | Tags: ebay listing software
AuctionSound is an Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay listing software solution with inventory management and consignment features. Features: supports eBay US/CA/UK/AU/IE, Amazon US, and Craigslist US, 35-7,500 listings, photo hosting, consignor management, reporting, sales & performance reports, and shipping integration.
SixBit screenshot
Price: $19.99-69.99/mth | Requires: Windows | Tags: ebay listing software
SixBit eBay listing software runs on your Windows computer, so you own your data. Features: import from CSV, eBay Turbo Lister, eBay Blackthorne, and bidStart, batch edit, listing manager, email system, inventory management, database automation, sales analysis, and allocation tools.
Xara Web Designer screenshot
Price: $49.99/99.99+ | Requires: Windows | Tags: wysiwyg html editor, html editor
Xara Web Designer WYSIWYG editor offer templates complete with web graphics and complete pages. Features: widgets support, smart repositioning, animated page and layer transitioning effects, web graphic, webpage designs tools, and photo editing tools.
WebEasy Professional screenshot
Price: $49.95+ | Requires: Windows | Tags: wysiwyg html editor, html editor
WebEasy Professional WYSIWYG HTML editor offer 600+ website templates. Features: drag-and-drop, social media integration, spell checker, search and replace function, dynamic forms, multimedia support, graphic imaging tools, site map assistant, SEO assistant and tools.
BestAddress HTML Editor screenshot
Price: $54.95 | Requires: Windows | Tags: wysiwyg html editor, html editor, php editor
BestAddress HTML Editor is a WYSISYG editor with 3 editing modes, and FTP software. Features: CSS and PHP editing, auto-complete code, macros, code syntax checking, Flash support, spell checker, multi-file replacements, FTP updating, server integration, and task management capabilities.
CKEditor screenshot
Price: $375/850/1,450+ | Requires: JRE 1.4, Servlet 2.5/JSP 2.1 | Tags: wysiwyg html editor, html editor, text editor
CKEditor is an open source WYSIWYG HTML and text editor which brings to the web common editing features found on desktop editing applications. Features: advanced linking, visual anchors and blocks, rich content capable, spell checker, strong browser compatibility, and source protection.
Business Plan Pro screenshot
Price: $99.95/199.95 | Requires: Windows | Tags: business plan software
Business Plan Pro business plan software offers 500+ sample business plans to inspire, help, and guide you. Features: automatic charts and graphs, built-in financial formulas, expert help and advice, 9,000+ industry profiles, import from Excel, analysis charts, and visual cash flowchart.
Biz Plan Builder screenshot
Price: $129.95 (1-time) or $99.95/yr | Requires: Windows | Tags: business plan software
Biz Plan Builder business plan software helps you write business plans. Features: Windows software or online version, pre-written samples, customizable narrative templates, business plan wizard, step-by-step instructions, business financial models, financial projections, and PowerPoint templates.
PlanMagic Business screenshot
Price: $99.95/195 | Requires: Windows | Tags: business plan software
PlanMagic Business is a business plan software that includes fully automated financial projections. Features: business plan templates in MS Word, PowerPoint presentation template, business plan guide, web marketing guide, Smart Entry System, validation checks, and projected balance sheets.
Plan Write screenshot
Price: $129.95/229.95 | Requires: Windows | Tags: business plan software
Plan Write business plan software offers 100s of sample business plans. Features: step-by-step instructions, complete financials, automatic 3D color charts, import data from Excel, QuickBooks Pro interface, generates PowerPoint presentations, spelling/grammar check, and financial statements.
Ultimate Business Planner screenshot
Price: $99+ | Requires: Windows | Tags: business plan software
Ultimate Business Planner business plan software includes 1,000 business plan samples and 25 complete sample plans. Features: 5-year financial projection, plain-english instructions and advice, colorful graphs, exports to MS Word and Excel, and publish as PDF.
AwardSpace screenshot
AwardSpace web hosting run on green energy from wind power. Features: free web hosting, unlimited disk space, traffic, domain hosting, MySQL databases, and PostgreSQL, site builder, data backup, mailing lists, and autoresponders.
100WebSpace screenshot
100WebSpace provides web hosting and a 1-click PHP application installer. Features: free web hosting, Linux web hosting, multi-language control panel, EPP transfer protection, unlimited domains hosted, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and subdomains, and Elefante marketing tools.
X10Hosting screenshot
Price: free | Tags: free web hosting
X10Hosting offer free web hosting with PHP, MySQL, and auto install scripts such as Joomla and WordPress. Features: unmetered disk space, unmetered transfer, website builder, FTP accounts, email accounts, SMTP, addon domains, parked domain, subdomains, cPanel 11, cron allowed, PhpBB, and 200+ templates.
Freehostia screenshot
Freehostia offer web hosting, free web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. Features: 250MB-2,000GB disk space, 6-12,000GB bandwidth, 1-click 40+ web apps, PHP, MySQL, POP3, SMTP server, mailing lists, email forwarding, autoresponders, DNS management, and FTP manager. screenshot web hosting specialize in ASP.NET hosting. Features: Windows reseller hosting, unlimited domains and subdomains pointing, DotNetPanel control panel, Windows 2008, IIS 7, unlimited DNN portal, MySQL, SQL Server 2012, DotNetNuke, and SmarterStats.