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Advanced Email Marketing Syllabus
Price: $2,280
Formats: online videos and instructor
Company: Bisk Education, Inc.

Advanced Email Marketing Features

Advanced Email Marketing, by the University of San Francisco Online, increases your direct marketing ROI with advanced email marketing training.

Features include:

  • 8 week course.
  • 12 to 16 hours of online streaming videos.
  • Video CD-ROMs.
  • 4.5 continuing education units (CEUs).
  • Introduction to email marketing:
    • Email marketing essentials and effective strategies for deliverability.
    • Inbound email as a marketing tool.
    • Integrating email with social media.
    • Email marketing myths and best practices.
  • The email foundation:
    • Secrets to successful B2B email marketing.
    • Mapping email strategy to sales cycle stages.
    • Top tips for increasing response rates.
    • Optimizing your offer strategy, managing lists, nurturing leads and tracking performance.
  • Email design and functionality:
    • Multi-part messages: HTML and text.
    • White lists, black lists and other considerations.
    • Email for mobile phones.
    • Selecting the right software platform for your business.
    • Developing and managing the RFP process.
  • Email deployment:
    • Setting goals and ROI tracking.
    • Key strategies for multi-variate and landing page testing.
    • Email broadcast checklist.
    • Best practices for sending a correction email.
  • Email marketing analytics:
    • Retargeting campaigns and trigger campaigns.
    • Effective copywriting and design techniques for email.
    • Personalization, rich media and graphics.
    • Key factors impacting open rates, click-through rates and hard bounce vs. soft bounce.
  • Email optimization and testing:
    • Reducing unsubscribe requests.
    • Optimizing for deliverability, open rates, click-through rates and conversion.
    • Dashboard and trend analysis.
    • Targeting links and deep linking.
  • Email marketing laws and ethics:
    • CAN-SPAM, COPPA and state email laws.
    • Email privacy and database security.
    • Safe harbor policies and international emails.
    • Following proper unsubscribe procedures.
  • Multipurpose emails and case studies:
    • E-newsletters and online surveys.
    • Viral email campaigns and Web/email 3.0.
    • In-store offers and coupon delivery.
    • Deliverability, reputation management and repair.
    • Relevance-enabling technologies and clickstream analytics.
  • Presenters include:
    • Sheryl Cattell, BA, MBA.
    • Terry Miller, BS, MBA.
    • Michael Kelly.
    • Madeline Berges, BS.
    • Robert C. White, BS, MBA, JD.
    • Gaida Zirkelbach, BA, MBA, JD.