Accept Credit Cards

These payment products and services enable you to accept credit cards for products, services and digital goods online and in-store, without a merchant account.
PayPal screenshot
Price: 2.2-3.9% + $0.30/transaction | Tags: accept credit cards
PayPal enables you to accept credit cards on a website, on eBay, by phone, or connected to an existing merchant account. Features: 230 million users in 190 countries, accept 24 currencies, accept bank transfers, domestic, and international payments, fraud detection and prevention.
Google Wallet screenshot
Price: 1.9-2.9% + $0.30/transaction | Tags: accept credit cards
Google Wallet lets you accept credit cards from tens of millions of Google Wallet users. Features: accept payments online or in-store, products, services and digital goods, NFC, 140 countries, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, fraud protection, PCI compliance, and Content/Search APIs.
Skrill screenshot
Price: 1.9-3.9% + €0.25-0.35/transaction + €19.95/mth | Tags: accept credit cards
Skrill enables you to accept credit cards, with access to 30 million customers. Features: 100+ local payment options, 200 countries, 40 currencies, digital media, micro-payments, risk management, recurring billing, virtual terminal, affiliate payouts, and ecommerce solution integration.
WePay screenshot
Price: 1-2.9% + $0.30/transaction | Tags: accept credit cards
WePay enable you to accept credit cards, without customers having to leave your site. Features: invoice your customers, accept bank payments, websites for stores, crowdfunding, business software, group management, pre-approved payments, subscription invoicing, developer API, and donate buttons.
Payza screenshot
Price: 2.50-3.90% + $0.25-0.59/transaction | Tags: accept credit cards
Payza enables you to accept credit cards, prepaid cards, money orders, certified checks, and bank wires. Features: 9 million members, 197 countries, accept 21 currencies, sell products, services, and digital goods, shopping cart integration, recurring subscriptions, and fraud prevention.