Project Management Software

These project management software and tools help you plan and manage project schedules, budgets, resource allocation, and communication.
RationalPlan screenshot
Price: $57/98+ | Requires: Windows/Mac/Linux | Tags: project management software
RationalPlan project management software helps with multi-project planning, resource allocation, and costs estimation. Features: Gantt charts, Microsoft Project import/export, project tracking, concurrent user management, version management system, restore points, and cloud accessibility.
FastTrack Schedule screenshot
Price: $349-2,995 | Requires: Windows/Mac | Tags: project management software
FastTrack Schedule is a multi-platform project management software that helps you keep teams in synch, costs under control and projects on schedule. Features: critical path identification, wbs coding, CPM scheduling, Gantt chart, project, resource, document, and task management.
TeamPulse screenshot
Price: $1,499+ | Requires: Windows 7/Server 2008 | Tags: project management software, collaboration software
TeamPulse is a project management software which helps you leverage on Agile best practices. Features: project management, document management, resource tracking and allocation, backlog management, reports tracking, collaboration, and email management system.
SpiraPlan screenshot
Price: $125.99-5,999.99+ | Requires: Windows/Windows Server, SQL | Tags: project management software
SpiraPlan project management software manages your project's requirements, user stories, tasks, bugs and issues in one integrated environment. Features: requirements management, release planning, task tracking, issue management, document management, source code traceability.
JIRA screenshot
Price: $10-$1,000+/mth or $10-24,000 | Requires: Windows/Linux | Tags: bug tracking software, issue tracking software, project management software, project management tools
JIRA is a project, issue and bug tracking software. Features: on-demand/download version, bug and change request tracking, Agile planning, activity streams and dashboards, workflow and process management, and pre-built filters.
Project Kickstart screenshot
Price: $299 | Requires: Windows | Tags: project management software
Project KickStart Pro 5 project management software helps you create an organized plan, with phases, goals, obstacles and solutions. Features: 6 step project wizard, interoperability with other project management software, work load management, task & resource management.
FogBugz screenshot
FogBugz bug tracking software helps with bug tracking, project management, customer support and integration. Features: customer transaction management, documentation handler, evidence based scheduling, email and customer management, and drag-and-drop editing.
Gemini screenshot
Gemini is an all-in-one issue tracking, project management, and bug tracking software. Features: installed or on-demand version, cross-project filters, drag-drop, permission-based workflow, cross-project dependencies, and customizable grids.
SpiraTest screenshot
Price: $125.99-5,999.99+ or $24.99-499.99/mth | Requires: Windows, SQL, IIS | Tags: bug tracking software, issue tracking software, project management software, project management tools, collaboration software, collaboration tools
SpiraTest bug tracking software lets you manage bugs, issues, requirements, and tests in one environment. Features: defect tracking, project management, document collaboration, build management, and data migration.
VisionProject screenshot
Price: €19+/user/mth (min. 3) or €4,320+ | Requires: Windows/Linux | Tags: project management tools, project management software, issue tracking software, bug tracking software, help desk software
VisionProject project management software helps with issue/bug tracking and help desk support. Features: time tracking, document management, CRM system, agreement management, change management, and workflow tool.