PPC Software

These PPC software will help you increase productivity and make more money with Google AdWords, and other pay per click advertising.
PPC BidMax screenshot
Price: $48-799.20+/mth | Requires: Windows | Tags: ppc management software, ppc software, adwords software, keyword software
PPC BidMax PPC management software helps you manage Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Features: master account, multiple account and campaign management, synchronize PPC accounts, automated reporting, ROI performance reports, campaign scheduler, and keyword builder.
Keyword Elite screenshot
Price: $97 | Requires: Windows | Tags: keyword software, seo software, adwords software, ppc software
Keyword Elite 2.0 is a Windows keyword software that helps you with keyword research, SEO and spying on AdWords advertisers. Features: has its own keyword data source, generate keyword lists, 6 month Adwords ad history, find websites displaying AdSense, and on-page SEO.
AdWords Editor screenshot
Price: free | Requires: Windows/Mac | Tags: adwords software, ppc software
AdWords Editor is free AdWords software to help you manage your AdWords campaigns. Features: work offline, performance statistics, multiple account management, AdWords policy detection, bulk changes, edit multiple ads, activity manager, and back up your account.
Bing Ads Editor screenshot
Price: free | Requires: Windows | Tags: ppc software
Bing Ads Editor PPC software helps you manage and optimize your Bing Ads campaigns from your desktop. Features: import Google AdWords campaigns, sync campaigns and accounts, bulk editing, automated performance reports, publisher performance report, keyword research tool, and multiple changes wizard.
GA Data Grabber screenshot
Price: $229-399/yr | Requires: Windows/Mac Excel | Tags: web analytics tools, adwords software, ppc software
GA Data Grabber web analytics tools combines metrics for multiple sites into a single view for Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, and Bing Ads. Features: multiple user account login, fetch up to a million rows of results, KPI reporting, APIs, charts, keyword tool, and OAuth authentication.
Tatvic AdWords Excel Plug-in screenshot
Price: $19/mth | Requires: Windows, Microsoft 2003+ | Tags: adwords software, ppc software
Tatvic AdWords Excel Plug-in helps you analyze Google AdWords campaigns in Excel. Features: import analysis into AdWords Editor, extract data from Google Analytics into Excel, 1-click report updates, extracts large datasets, AdWords API, Google Analytics API, and built-in report templates.
Quantify screenshot
Price: free/$99-2% of ad spend+/mth | Tags: ppc software, adwords software, ppc management software
Quantify PPC software helps you track PPC campaigns across ad networks. Features: AdWords, Bing Ads, Mongoose Metrics, Google Analytics, daily, weekly, and monthly insights, conversion and ROI, white label, custom templates, unlimited users & accounts, bid management, and API access.
Acquisio screenshot
Price: $1,000 + 1.25-2%/mth | Tags: ppc management software, ppc software
Acquisio online ppc management software helps you manage Google AdWords and Bing Ads PPC campaigns. Features: automatically manage and adjust bids, KPI tracking, web based editor, WordStream keyword tool, campaign creation tool, ad server, multi-currency, and white label reports.