CRM Software

These CRM software will help you communicate with prospects, close deals, and suuport customers.
SalesNexus screenshot
Price: $55-75/mth | Tags: crm software
SalesNexus web based CRM software helps you capture leads, automate the response, and measure your performance. Features: email marketing, autoresponders, contact management, opt-in/out email lists, Outlook sync, reporting wizards, step-by-step processes, prospect alerts, mobile CRM, web-to-lead forms, and analytics.
SugarCRM screenshot
Price: $30-60+/user/mth | Tags: crm software
SugarCRM is an open source, web-based CRM software platform for communicating with prospects and customers. Features: on-site/cloud deployment, scheduled data backups, 15-250GB storage, social media integration, mobile device accessibility, pre-built reports, multi-currency support, 22 languages, iPhone, Android, and iPad apps.
Vtiger screenshot
Price: $12/user/mth | Tags: crm software
Vtiger cloud based CRM software offer tools to improve sales conversions and build customer relationships. Features: no contracts, 5GB online storage, pre-built reports, automated backups, uses Amazon's EC2 servers, pre-built dashboards, mobile apps, drag-and-drop modules, analytics, reports, charts, mobile apps, and email integration.
Zoho CRM screenshot
Price: free/$12-25+/mth | Tags: crm software
Zoho CRM software offers online tools for managing your sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory in a single platform. Features: 5-500MB default storage, up to 25 profiles, 5-unlimited email templates, mass email, autoresponders, social CRM, multiple currencies, custom apps, workflow alerts, rules, and tasks.
Sage CRM screenshot
Price: $45+/mth | Tags: crm software
Sage CRM software helps capture leads, improve sales, and stay connected with customers. Features: cloud-based or on-premise, exchange server integration, contact management, sales forecasting, interactive dashboard, keyword searches, automated drip marketing, 3rd party add-ons, Outlook integration, and data import.