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July 5, 2018: Sorry but we're not accepting new products at this time.

Hi there!

We have hundreds of internet marketing and ecommerce product and service in Mike's Marketing Tools.

If your product/service isn't in the site, you may submit your product for possible guaranteed inclusion.

Guaranteed inclusion

We'll add your product/service to the site within 5 business days, guaranteed: $199 $79 (limited time) one-time fee.

Terms and conditions

  • Please get in touch first so that we can decide whether your product/service is suitable for the site.
  • If your product/service is deemed suitable, the one-time fee (prepaid via PayPal) guarantees inclusion in the site within the agreed time.
  • Your product goes through the same editorial process as other products that we find on our own.
  • Your product will be added to the top of the Marketing Software or Ecommerce Software page. Your product listing will move down the page as new products are added. Eventually it will disappear from the page.
  • Your product will also appear in one or more relevent tag pages. For example, SEO software. Your product's ranking on a tag page is determined by its affiliate program (if any) performance.
  • Your product listing will also be added to the homepage for 7 days. It may stay on the homepage for longer than 7 days, but we don't guarantee that.
  • You must approve us for your affiliate program (if you have one), and allow us to link to your site with an affiliate link. Your product doesn't need to have an affiliate program for it to be accepted.
  • The outbound link to your website includes a rel="nofollow" attribute.
  • We reserve the right to decline any product, for any reason. You only pay a fee, if your product is accepted for inclusion.
  • We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions, at anytime, for any reason, without notice.

Got a question? Get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.