Video Spokesperson

Hire a video spokesperson to create professional web video introductions on your websites and sales letters.
Your Website Spokesperson screenshot
Price: $39.95-139.95+/mth | Tags: video spokesperson
Your Website Spokesperson offers a custom transparent talking video spokesperson for your website. Features: 100+ models, 20+ video presentation options, pricing per second, unlimited video hosting, online demos, monthly visitor reporting, HD video, use your own props, and green screen technology.
Live Face On Web screenshot
Price: $259.95-3,218.95 | Tags: video spokesperson
Live Face On Web allows your website to have an interactive video spokesperson person as the face of your company. Features: 8 different lengths, 3 different sizes, script creation service, male and female models, specify location, green screen technology, use your own props, HD video, and customizable presentations.
Impact Spokesperson screenshot
Price: $99-564+ | Tags: video spokesperson
Impact Spokesperson offers an online video spokesperson to help you retain website visitors and increase sales. Features: 3 camera shots, 7 placement options, quick turnaround, HD video, bilingual player, no monthly fees, free hosting, close captioning, High definition video 1080p, and ASL sign language actors.
Tweople screenshot
Price: $29+ | Tags: video spokesperson
Tweople offers interactive online video spokesperson and custom video services for your website. Features: male and female actors, child actors, pre-made themes/messages, you on your site, interactive player, use props, multiple formats, free hosting, HD video, royalty free, script assistance, and hold message boards.
Model2Web screenshot
Price: $35-95+ | Tags: video spokesperson
Model2Web offers a custom real talking video spokesperson on your website helping you to deliver the exact message you want your visitors to hear. Features: per word pricing, real actors, easy installation, HD video, no hosting costs, pick your actor, unbranded, greenscreen technology, and free demo on your website.