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Here are some free marketing tips I've written over the years. You have my permission to republish them on your website, on the condition you include my bio after the article.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate managers should avoid these mistakes if they want to build a successful affiliate program.

Marketing Strategies

Internet piracy is rife. So why do we fight it? Why not accept it, embrace it, and adapt our business models to compete against it instead?
How I used the 80-20 Rule to increase my internet business income by 207% in just over 18 months.
Here are two marketing campaigns that uses a person's name to generate buzz.

Money Making Tips

I've earned a six figure income for many years. Here are 20 software products and services I use to make a six figure income online annually.

SEO Tips

Are you wondering whether you should use a dash versus an underscore in URLs? This article will provide a definitive answer.
In this article I show you three ways to get listed in Google, including one method that is virtually guaranteed to work.
Keyword density, frequency, prominence and proximity explained.
27 quick search engine optimization tips that will improve your search engine rankings.
Find link exchange partners to improve your link popularity and search engine rankings.
In this article I discuss seven illegal, or almost illegal, search engine optimization and related techniques.
How to capture your most targeted visitors by discovering what keywords they search with.
Ten controversial SEO techniques that should be used with caution, or even avoided altogether.

Software Reviews

Over 35,000 people use Thesis Theme for WordPress. Is it worth buying? Find out with my Thesis Theme review.

Success Stories

Seven amazing stories of ordinary people achieving extraordinary success with their internet business to inspire you.
Here's a look back at ten business decisions that changed my life, since I built my first website in 1998.
Do you have a glass ceiling that prevents you from achieving major success? Here is the true story of how I broke through my mine.
In this article I reveal what I believe are the two most important ranking factors used by Google.

Webmaster Tips

Broken HTML and image links result in 404 not found error notices. Here is how to get real-time 404 email notices when things break.