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Advanced Web Ranking Features
Advanced Web Ranking Pricing
Price: $99-1,499 (30 day free trial)
License: lifetime (includes 12 months maintenance and search engine updates, and technical support)
Requirements: online, Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7)/Mac OS X/Linux
Version: 9.1
Company: Caphyon Ltd

Advanced Web Ranking Features

Advanced Web Ranking 9.1 is an all-in-one SEO software solution to help you improve your search engine rankings.

Features include:

  • Advanced Web Ranking packages: Standard ($99), Professional ($199), Enterprise ($399), Server ($1,499).
  • Includes 12 months maintenance updates. Pricing for additional updates:
    • Standard: 12 month extension ($29), 12 month renewal ($49).
    • Professional: 12 month extension ($59), 24 month extension ($97), 12 month renewal ($99), 24 month renewal ($178).
    • Enterprise: 12 month extension ($199), 24 month extension ($214), 12-month renewal ($199), 24 month renewal ($358).
  • Website auditor tool performs an in-depth analysis across your website.
  • Web Ranking Server: a desktop solution designed for professional SEO agencies.
  • Multiple styles for generating reports.
  • Create customizable ranking reports.
  • Compare rankings for multiple days.
  • Highest vs. lowest rankings ever.
  • Rankings evolution in time.
  • Works with 2,000+ search engines.
  • Assign proxy per project.
  • Request new search engines.
  • Unlimited keywords, websites or search engines in a project.
  • Unlimited competitors in a project.
  • Import keywords from multiple sources.
  • Assign colours to keywords and websites.
  • Group keywords into logical sets.
  • Automatic search engine updates.
  • Multiple styles for generating link reports.
  • Anchor text distribution.
  • Link metrics and details.
  • Discover common links with your competitors.
  • Analyze your link performance.
  • Link details evolution in time.
  • Link data retrieved from SEOmoz.
  • 2,000 free link credits.
  • Customizable link retrieval depth.
  • Automatic monthly updates.
  • History of transactions.
  • Sync with multiple Google Analytics accounts.
  • Historical Google Analytics data import.
  • Multiple styles for generating analytics reports.
  • Visitor tracking by traffic source.
  • Goals tracking.
  • Trail your ecommerce revenues and transactions.
  • Analytics campaigns.
  • Revenue detailed by referral.
  • Analyze keywords efficiency.
  • Compare analytics with previous period.
  • Import Google Analytics keywords into project.
  • Track social shares for website pages.
  • Monitor multiple Twitter accounts.
  • Track multiple Facebook Fan Pages.
  • Social metrics evolution in time.
  • Historical data importing from Twitter.
  • Multiple keyword research tools.
  • Keyword generator.
  • Keyword analysis.
  • Find profitable keywords.
  • Assign priority from Google AdWords.
  • Keyword suggestions.
  • Spy on competitors' link building strategy.
  • Monitor competitors' ranking evolution.
  • Analyze competition for your keywords.
  • Measure social popularity of your competitors.
  • Evaluate your competitors' website architecture.
  • Content optimization diagnosis.
  • On-page recommendations.
  • SEO browser.
  • Print or email reports to clients.
  • Publish reports to the web.
  • Reports are fully customizable and white labeled.
  • Automatic report generation.
  • Customizable filters.
  • Backup your projects.
  • Multiple user profiles.
  • Multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.
  • Export data in multiple formats: HTML, PDF, Excel (XLS), XML, TXT and CSV.
  • FAQ database.
  • Online customer support centre.
  • Customer phone support Monday to Friday, 7am to 9pm (GMT).
  • Free Advanced Web Ranking license for bloggers and internet columnists.