Affilorama SEO Toolbar Homepage
Price: free
Requirements: online, Firefox
Company: Affilorama Group Ltd.

Affilorama SEO Toolbar Features

Affilorama SEO Toolbar, by Mark Ling, provides SEO data in your web browser to help you analyze domains and webpages.

Features include:

  • Google PageRank.
  • Alexa Traffic Rank.
  • Complete Traffic Rank.
  • Backlinks to the domain registered with Yahoo and Google.
  • Indexing on Yahoo and Google.
  • On-page details: Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, H1 and H2 tags.
  • Uncover links to any external domains.
  • Nofollow links.
  • Evaluate whether links from sites are no-follow.
  • Check if a site is "blocking" any links.
  • Check the Whois information on the domain.
  • Select your preferred Whois source engine.
  • Read the robots.txt file on the domain.
  • Check when the domain was created and how old it is.
  • Check if the domain has an XML sitemap, and look at the contents.
  • Choose the position you want this add-on to appear in your browser.
  • Select the Whois source engine.
  • Enable and disable the traffic rank sources.