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Price: $19.99-149.99+ per month (30 day free trial)
Requirements: online
Company: Innovative Cyber Solutions, Inc.

H2Desk Features

H2Desk offers web based help desk software that lets you answer support tickets using predefined replies.

Features include:

  • Available in hosted and downloadable versions.
  • Auto email-to-ticket conversion.
  • Auto-response.
  • Email notifications.
  • Multilingual and time zone independent.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Multi-channel ticket management system:
    • Ticket assignment ruling.
    • Ticket alerts without a browser.
    • Ticket field customization.
    • Update ticket status from email.
    • Ticket status reporting.
  • Track SLA's and billable time.
  • Customizable templates and portal page.
  • Personalized dashboard staff stats.
  • Create self service center:
    • Private and public viewing.
    • Content rating.
    • Knowledge base article library.
    • Tutorials library.
    • File library.
  • Support side bar.
  • Private user for feature for all library content.
  • Predefined (canned) replies.
  • Pro version:
    • Unlimited departments and customers.
  • Cloud hosted:
    • Unlimited customers and tickets.
    • SLA expiration reminders and escalation.
    • Automatic ticket assignments.
    • Group users by company.
    • Canned and customizable reports.