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Price: $9-21 per month (30 day free trial)
Requirements: online
Company: LiveHelpNow, Inc.

LiveHelpNow Features

LiveHelpNow help desk software offers live chat, trouble ticket-email, callback and knowledge base management for websites.

Features include:

  • Module pricing and discounts:
    • Chat system: $21 per module per user per month.
    • Ticket system: $21 per module per user per month.
    • Knowledgebase system: $21 per module per user per month.
    • Callback system: $9 per module per user per month.
    • 3 or more different services as a bundle: 30% recurring discount.
    • Yearly subscription: 10% recurring discount.
  • Chat module:
    • Click-to-chat buttons.
    • Auto or proactive chat invitations.
    • Real-time visitor monitoring.
    • Mobility: chat with customers from cell phone.
    • Chat transfer, department routing.
    • Operator to operator messaging.
    • Whisper technology.
    • Canned responses.
    • 2-way file transfer.
    • Automatic spelling check.
    • Save and send transcript to customer or printer.
    • Navigation history.
    • Add notes to visitor.
    • Detects returning visitors.
    • Ban IP of unwelcome visitors as needed.
    • Multiple chats for one agent.
    • Reports on-demand: chat leads, campaign, referrals, live visitor monitoring.
    • Fully secured with 128-bit encryption.
    • Fully integrated with support and ticket systems.
    • Measure customer satisfaction with post-chat surveys.
    • Real-time language translation with Google translate.
  • Ticket system:
    • Full ticket lifecycle from opening to resolution.
    • Fully integrated with chat and support systems.
    • Email-to-ticket.
    • Collect, organize, analyze and archive email inquiries.
    • Task management.
    • Control and supervise complete lifecycle of every email/ticket inquiry.
    • Ticket status notification.
    • Automatic ticket assignment.
    • Customizable triggers for incoming tickets.
  • Knowledgebase system:
    • Simplify and streamline knowledge base management for your organization.
    • Eliminate repeat support inquires.
    • Offer reliable self-service online support.
    • Use internally or made public.
    • 1-click article creation and publishing.
    • Grow your knowledge base directly from chats or tickets.
    • Knowledge monitoring.
    • Public API.
    • On-demand custom reports.
  • Callback system:
    • Full callback request lifecycle from opening to resolution.
    • Fully integrated with chat and support systems.
    • Notifications: console, email, SMS.
    • Collect, assign, organize, analyze and archive callback inquiries for easy access at any time.
  • Customizable, built for your brand.
  • Integration with Salesforce, Facebook, Google Analytics and AdWords.
  • 24/7 online support.