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Price: $16.06+ per month
Requirements: online
Company: Rackspace, US Inc.

Rackspace Features

Rackspace offers public, private, and hybrid cloud hosting, powered by OpenStack.

Features include:

  • WordPress hosting.
  • Custom applications.
  • Test and development environments.
  • Enterprise solutions.
  • Run a SaaS application.
  • Host a business application.
  • Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Public, private, and hybrid clouds.
  • Hosted virtual desktop platform.
  • Based on OpenStack for no lock in.
  • Pay as you go pricing.
  • Fully API accessible.
  • Customized server configurations.
  • Advanced server monitoring.
  • On-premise and off-premise clouds fully supported.
  • Connect the Rackspace cloud to your dedicated servers.
  • Linux and Windows servers available.
  • Fully redundant HA environments for business critical applications.
  • Managed security portfolio for varying security and compliance needs.
  • Dedicated backend and networking devices.
  • Free 250MB SharePoint site.
  • Exchange hybrid: exchange hybrid option mixes Microsoft exchange hosting and Rackspace email on the same domain.
  • Spam and virus protection.
  • Manage Microsoft hosted exchange environment including permissions, storage, and mailbox creation.
  • Outlook 2010 for Windows and Outlook 2011 for Mac.
  • 25GB of storage and 50MB attachments.
  • SSL encryption hides data during transmission.
  • Restore a deleted mailbox for up to 30 days.
  • Free mobile sync for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • Push email and sync for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry.
  • Manage multiple email accounts.
  • Contact lists for viewing recent emails, attachments, scheduled meetings, and social networking activity.
  • Conversation view lets you see all related sent or received emails with the same subject line.
  • At a glance viewing of free/busy time, shared calendars, and calendar delegation.
  • Shared and personal task lists to keep track of project progress.
  • View attachments even if you don't have the installed software with web ready document viewing.
  • Send and receive email from any POP or IMAP connection with your mobile phone.
  • VMware ESX hypervisors providing clustering support for high availability, cloning of virtual machines, snapshots, and vMotion.
  • Manage multi datacenter virtual environments via a "single pane of glass" in the MyRackspace customer portal.
  • VM replication available for geographical redundancy across Rackspace data centers.
  • Full support of the guest operating system running on each of your VMs.
  • Dedicated network and host machines.
  • Automatic recovery.
  • VSphere from VMware available.
  • Service level provides support for Apache, MySQL, and .NET/IIS.
  • Operating systems are patched with updates from Microsoft.
  • Create custom images and rebuild servers from any image you specify.
  • Inject data into the file system of the cloud server instance.
  • Raid 10 storage: provides superior performance and redundancy.
  • Intra region private bandwidth.
  • Cloud databases, cloud load balancers, cloud files, and, cloud DNS are integrated in the control panel.
  • Image and file level backups.
  • Windows images pre installed with the latest patches.
  • Microsoft SQL server standard and web available.
  • Programmatically perform operations like builds, deletes, and lists through a RESTful API.
  • Custom metadata: add or modify custom data about your server.
  • Use both IPv4 and/or IPv6 address.
  • Asynchronous fault support: error codes occur asynchronously.
  • Design and build the custom SharePoint environment.
  • Connect to Rackspace with an encrypted VPN tunnel to link the Rackspace cloud to your data center or existing IT infrastructure.
  • Define network security policies in the customer portal and they are automatically applied and managed across your firewall, load balancer, and cloud servers.
  • Layer on a dedicated firewall, web app firewall, or DDoS mitigation.
  • 100% uptime guarantee.
  • 24/7/365 phone, chat, and ticket support.