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Price: 10-20% of sale price
Requirements: online
Company: Sedo Holding Group

Sedo Features

Sedo lets you buy domain names for sale and via domain auctions, as well as sell and park your own domains.

Features include:

  • Domain auctions.
  • Auction guaranteed to end in a sale.
  • Member certification required to bid.
  • Auction duration.
  • Pre-auction viewing period.
  • Generic and high quality domains.
  • Budget domains.
  • Search domains by extensions, price range, keywords, categories, languages, traffic, listing type, domain length, and number of words.
  • SedoMLS premium: domain distribution network.
  • Domain brokerage: a broker will be assigned to your account and will negotiate a sale on your behalf.
  • Domain appraisal.
  • Premium domain appraisal.
  • Domain portfolio appraisal.
  • Automatic distribution when you list at Sedo.
  • Domain listing referrals from partner sites.
  • Sell now assurance protects your listings.
  • Instant money transfer for domains sold.
  • Personal domain consultation.
  • Featured listing exposure with a rotating spot on Sedo's home page for 30 days.
  • Category showcase will market your domain at the top of its category page.
  • Park your domains.
  • Monthly payment of domain parking revenue.
  • Customized page for visitors to parked domains.
  • Domain sales contract: both parties receive a sales contract template.
  • Payment to escrow account: the buyer places the funds in Sedo's escrow account via wire transfer, Paypal, or credit card.
  • Technical domain transfer.
  • Payment to seller: once the buyer has control of the domain name, the funds are transferred to the domain seller.
  • Manage your domains easily with the domain management interface.
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited.