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Price: $299/429+ (15 day free trial)
License: lifetime
Requirements: Windows (XP/Vista/7)/Mac OSX/Linux/AIX/HP-UX/Solaris (SPARC 7+/x86 10+)
Version: 17
Company: SlickEdit, Inc.

SlickEdit Features

SlickEdit is a cross-platform, multi-language code and text editor that helps you code in 40+ languages on 9 platforms.

Features include:

  • Code in over 40 programming languages, including C/C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, SQL, Perl, PHP, Python, C#, COBOL, Fortran, Ruby, Objective-C, and Visual Basic.
  • 3 licensing options:
    • Named user license.
    • Concurrent user license
    • Multi-platform license.
  • SlickEdit Core is a plug-in for Eclipse.
  • Displays a list of the members for the corresponding object or symbol.
  • Code navigation.
  • Dynamic surround.
  • Built-in beautifier allows control over source formatting options for C/C++ and Objective-C.
  • Beautify while typing.
  • Preview tool window.
  • References view displays the list of references for a symbol.
  • Syntax expansion.
  • Existing code is automatically placed inside braces and indented.
  • Auto-completions.
  • Editable Dynamic Diff Tool compares directories and files.
  • Code templates automates the creation of common code elements.
  • Aliases can automatically insert the date, time, cursor placement, or prompt for parameters.
  • Comment wrapping formats block comments as you edit them.
  • Each time a file is saved, the current version is added to the backup history.
  • Smart line selections.
  • SmartPaste automatically formats line selections when pasted.
  • Syntax-driven searching.
  • Regex Evaluator allows you to type a regular expression and run it against test cases.
  • 13 keyboard emulations.
  • Recorded and programmable macros.
  • Command line provides instant access to the most commands.
  • Java project wizard allows you to create and build Android applications and library projects.
  • Document overview bar.
  • ODB Editor Suite support for Mac.
  • Support for Xcode 4 Workspaces.
  • Ubuntu unity desktop.
  • 1 year of maintenance and support available.
    • On an annual basis at 20% of the current list price.
    • Major and minor product upgrades.
    • Telephone and email technical support.
    • Access to beta software releases.
  • 30-day installation support.