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Price: $15.95/49.95+ per month (30 day free trial)
Requirements: online

Smartsheet Features

Smartsheet offers online project management and team collaboration tools.

Features include:

  • Collaboration: collaborate with teams inside or outside your organization.
  • File sharing: share files, notes and discussions in context of your project.
  • Alerts & reminders: receive email alerts when deadlines approach or changes are made.
  • Gantt charts: create and share Gantt charts online.
  • Calendars: display or print projects in calendar format.
  • Google Apps: use Smartsheet within your Google Apps account.
  • Mobile: access your projects and get updates on laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Web forms: gather information into your sheet with a custom web form.
  • Cell linking: roll up projects into a master summary.
  • Crowdsourcing: engage a virtual workforce with Smartsourcing.
  • Reporting: create editable live summaries across projects.
  • Admin tools: manage users, content and permissions.
  • Enterprise platform:
    • Multi-device, multi-platform mobility.
    • Collaborative domain definition.
    • Enhanced data security.
    • Automated user provisioning.
    • Single sign-on: manages access as part of the corporate login credentials.
  • Marketing templates:
    • Event plan and budget.
    • 4 month product launch with Gantt.
    • Marketing campaign analysis rollup.
    • Marketing quarterly goals.
  • Sales templates:
    • Sales pipeline by probability.
    • Sales activity tracking by rep and month.
    • Outbound sales campaign plan.
    • Sales in process, with Gantt and dependencies.
  • Human resources templates:
    • New hire checklist.
    • Master hiring tracking sheet.
    • Interview process with Gantt.
    • Employee performance review form.
  • Finance and legal templates:
    • Time tracker for client projects.
    • Time tracker with rate table.
    • Expense report.
    • Customer order tracking and history.
  • Research and design templates:
    • Feature prioritization and roadmap with Gantt.
    • Web project with Gantt and dependencies.
    • Requirements collection checklist.
  • IT templates:
    • IT office relocation planning.
    • System development lifecycle (SDLC) with Gantt.
    • Feature prioritization & roadmap with Gantt.
    • Office move checklist.
  • Client management templates:
    • Help desk ticket tracker.
    • Time tracker for client projects.
    • Simple bug & issue tracker.
    • Client contact list.
  • Project management templates:
    • Project management by phase with variance.
    • Gantt project with hard deadline.
    • Team project with Gantt and dependencies.
    • Team project with Gantt, no dependencies.
  • Company management templates:
    • Corporate strategy planner.
    • Meetings action items tracker.
    • M & A due diligence with Gantt.
    • Company goals tracker.
  • Task and checklist templates:
    • Daily task manager.
    • Team task list by priority.
    • To do list and project monitor.
    • Personal to do list - by priority.
  • Specialty templates:
    • Monthly budget tracker.
    • Construction timeline with gantt.
    • Wedding budget planner.
    • Rental property maintenance.
  • Custom colors and logo.
  • SSL secure data access.
  • Team administration.
  • Scheduled data backup.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Works with other apps.
  • Priority support.
  • Custom SLAs and account management.
  • Single sign-on administration.
  • Defined collaboration domains.
  • Automated user provisioning.