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Price: £10+
Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/Server 2003/8
Version: 6.1
Released: May 27, 2012
Company: Helios Software Solutions

TextPad Features

Textpad is a general purpose editor for plain text files.

Features include:

  • Can edit huge files: up to the limits of 32-bit virtual memory.
  • Supports Universal Naming Convention (UNC) style names, and long file names with spaces.
  • CUA compliant keyboard commands.
  • English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish user interfaces.
  • Spelling checker with dictionaries in 10 languages.
  • Simultaneous edits with up to 2 views per file.
  • Warm start feature: restart exactly where you left off.
  • Cut, copy and paste clipboard capabilities.
  • Text can be case shifted and block indented, and characters, words and lines can be transposed.
  • Word-wrapped at the margin, or at a specified column.
  • Split text into separate lines where wrapping occurs, or lines can be intelligently joined, preserving paragraphs.
  • OLE2 drag and drop editing for copying and moving text between documents.
  • Unlimited undo/redo capability.
  • Block (column) selection mode.
  • Visible display of tabs and spaces.
  • A keystroke macro recorder, with up to 16 active macros.
  • Sorting, using up to 3 keys.
  • Text can be automatically aligned and indented, relative to the previous line, to aid block indentation.
  • In-context menu.
  • The cursor can be constrained to the text, or can be positioned freely in the document view.
  • Toolbar with fly-by usage hints.
  • Active status bar.
  • Search/replace engine using UNIX-style regular expressions: files in a directory tree can be searched, and text can be replaced in all open documents at once.
  • Incremental search toolbar for literal text.
  • Visible bookmarks can be placed on individual lines, and on all occurrences of a search pattern.
  • Built in file manager for fast file copying, renaming, deleting etc.
  • Print previewing, and printing with customizable headers/footers and page breaks.
  • Viewer for binary files using a hexadecimal display format.
  • Built in file comparison utility, and up to 16 user-defined tools with argument macros.
  • Hypertext links from file search and user tool output to the relevant source line.
  • DDE interface to other tools, such as MS Visual C++.
  • Detects file modification and prompts you to reopen it.
  • Edit 16-bit Unicode, UTF-8 and 8-bit text files with single and double byte characters.
  • DOS, UNIX, Macintosh, Netscape and mixed end of line characters are supported.
  • Supports ANSI (Windows) or OEM (DOS) code sets.
  • Single MDI window with up to 4 views for each document.
  • Full range of fonts installed in MS Windows.
  • Up to 32 tab stops can be defined, along with a default tab spacing, and an indent size.
  • Up to 16 (user configurable) most recently used files are listed on the File menu.
  • Up to 64 user-defined commands can be added to the Tools menu.
  • Up to 64 keystroke macros can be added to the Macros menu.