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Price: $495+
License: lifetime
Requirements: Windows/Mac/Linux/Solaris
Version: 11.2
Company: SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC

Web Help Desk Features

Web Help Desk help desk software offers web-based ticketing, change management, IT asset management, and knowledge base.

Features include:

  • Service request fulfilment:
    • Action rule automation and mass ticket updates.
    • Help desk staff triaging for escalations.
    • Customer self-service web interface.
    • Automated ticket routing and assignment.
    • Unlimited tickets and custom fields.
    • Export tickets.
    • Email-to-ticket automation.
    • Load balancing of ticket assignment.
    • Ticket templates.
    • Nested service catalog selection.
    • Audit trail.
  • Communication and correspondence:
    • Configure multiple inbound email addresses.
    • Email notifications on ticket updates.
    • Change ticket status and assignment from email.
    • SMS text message notification.
    • Technician group icalendar visibility.
    • Custom email and SMS message templates.
    • Public messages/alerts.
  • Help desk management:
    • Basic and advance ticket searches.
    • Browser plugins and extensions.
    • Supports multiple companies, locations, departments, and projects.
    • Multi-level escalation path.
    • Tracks due dates relative to specific business hours.
    • Customized and real-time performance reporting.
    • Multiple time zone management.
    • Export reports to PDF.
  • Account management:
    • LDAP and active directory synchronization.
    • Permissions based technician accounts and technician grouping.
    • Backup technician assignment and technical availability management.
  • Service level agreement:
    • Auto escalations and notifications.
    • Time tracking, stop the clock for customer dependent input.
    • SMS text message notification.
    • SLA reminder notifications.
  • Knowledge base management:
    • Self service guidance: related FAQs and tool tips.
    • Internal and external visibility.
    • Knowledge approval management.
    • Embed videos, file attachments, and rich text.
    • Import FAQ.
  • Asset management:
    • Remote control PCs and Macs.
    • VNC URL protocol tool.
    • JAMF casper suite integration.
    • Software license management.
    • Vendor, manufacturer, and model management.
    • Microsoft SCCM and SMS integration.
  • Approval/change management:
    • Change advisory board voting.
    • Dynamic approval decision engine.
    • Control decision details visibility.
    • Tiered approval steps, vote via email or web.
    • Approved requests to service ticket.
    • Change history.
  • Task and survey management.
  • Billing and parts management:
    • Time utilization reports.
    • Billing rate and terms management.
    • Quote generation and tax code configuration.
  • Technology:
    • Point-and-click configuration.
    • Mobile: Microsoft Windows mobile and Apple iPhone devices.
    • Web-based accessibility and user interface.
    • API integration.
    • SSL security options.