7 Web Directory Submission Tips

Here are seven web directory submission tips:

  1. Make Sure Your Website Is 100% Ready

    Web directory editors are under no obligation to index your website. Do not submit a website if it isn't 100% ready and professional looking.

  2. Submit Your Website Manually

    I highly recommend that you do not use any kind of automated search engine submission software or online submission service to submit your site to the web directories. Web directory submissions should be undertaken manually, and I have always followed that policy.

  3. Follow The Submission Guidelines

    Carefully read and follow the guidelines set out by each web directory.

  4. Submit To The Most Appropriate Category

    This could make or break your listing, so make sure you get this right, as you only have chance at it.

  5. Double Check Every Detail

    Make sure there is no spelling or typing errors. Make sure the contact details you enter in the submission form matches the details in your site and the InterNIC (Whois) records. To find your Whois records, visit Domain Registration Bank, click the Whois link at the bottom of the page, and enter your domain name.

  6. Consider Submitting To A Regional Directory Or Category

    If you have a regionally specific website, consider submitting it to the appropriate regional directory or category. Regional submissions have a better chance of getting in, and in a much quicker time, since those editors are more interested in building up their guides and do not usually have as many submissions to deal with. If you submit to a regional directory, your site will still available for searching in the main directory.

  7. Indicate Time Sensitive Submissions

    If your website contains time sensitive news or information, make sure you indicate this on the submission form. Quite often, websites that contain time sensitive information are indexed very quickly.

That's it! Good luck with your web directory submissions!