MSN Search (Beta)

MSN Search is part of the MSN web portal, which is owned by Microsoft.

Existing MSN Search

New Beta MSN Search

According to a Nielsen//NetRatings report, 29.6% of the internet population searched at a MSN-owned website, in January 2004.

Note: The following information refers to the beta version of the new MSN Search service.

Aside from it's search engine technology, MSN Search also has a few other resources to draw on when providing results:

  • Direct Answers from MSN Encarta provides information about geographical locations, historical figures, animals, and more.
  • The Encarta Calculator and Equation Solver provides answers to mathematical questions.
  • MSN's automated news service searches over 4,800 news sources worldwide.

MSN Search Information

Documents Indexed 5 billion
Audience Reach 29.6% (Nielsen//NetRatings 01/04)
Supplies Results For MSN
Submit Pages Homepage
Pages Indexed Entire website
Ranking Data Spider
Spider's Name MSNBot
Support Meta Robots Tag? Yes
Index Description Tag? Yes
Index Dynamic Pages? (CGI, ?, =, %, &, Etc.) Yes
Cloaking Considered Spam? Yes
Doorway Pages Considered Spam? Yes
Duplicate Pages Considered Spam? Yes
Invisible Text Considered Spam? Yes
Keyword Stuffing Considered Spam? Yes
Keywords in Hidden Value Tag Considered Spam? Yes
Link Exchange Program Use Considered Spam? Link farms
Tiny Text Considered Spam? Yes

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I will add more information on the new MSN Search, as they become available.

Other Major Search Engines

There has been a number of major changes in the search engine industry in the last couple of years.

AllTheWeb and AltaVista search results are now powered by Yahoo! Search Technology.

With MSN working on its own search engine technology, it basically only leaves one other 'major' search engine, aside from Google and Yahoo!; that being Teoma.

Teoma Search Engine (Ask Jeeves)

Teoma primarily powers Ask Jeeves search results and appear above Ask Jeeves' own knowledge base of answers to roughly 7 million commonly asked questions.

Ask Jeeves Information

Unique Visitors (Monthly) 11.3 million
Searches (Daily) 20 million (02/03)
Audience Reach 8.5% (Nielsen//NetRatings 01/04)
Search Engine Partner/s Teoma
Directory Partner (Powered By) Open Directory Project
Pay Per Click Partner Google AdWords
Search Results Listing Order Google AdWords
Ask Jeeves
Searches (Daily) 25 million+
Page Clustering? No
Paid Inclusion? (Time to Index & Update + Costs) Ask Jeeves Site Submit
Initial index: 7 days
Update: Every 7 days
1st URL: $30/URL/year
URL 2-1,000: $18/URL/year
Home Page
Free Submission Not available
Paid Inclusion Ask Jeeves Site Submit
Email Support
Spam Report / Support
Customer Support Telephone Number 510-985-7400