LookSmart Directory

LookSmart lost its biggest search partner, MSN Search, at the beginning of 2004. Its listings now only appear on a few of the smaller search engines and directories, such as LookSmart, Lycos, InfoSpace, Mamma, and CNET Search.

I can't see LookSmart prospering in the search arena. It just can't compete with the likes of Google, Yahoo! Search and soon-to-be-released MSN Search. I wouldn't be surprised if it is acquired, or merges with another search engine to expand its reach.

LookSmart is a web directory consisting entirely of commercial websites. For noncommercial websites, LookSmart accepts submissions in its Zeal directory.


LookSmart Is A Pay Per Click Web Directory

Prior to April 2002, LookSmart was a standard web directory accepting submissions for a one-time fee.

In April of that year LookSmart changed its business model into a pay per click web directory. LookSmart accepts multiple listings per website. So you can have one listing for each product category.

LookSmart Introduces New Pricing Structure

LookSmart now charge a $29 submission fee for each new listing, plus $0.15 per click through, for the first 5,000 clicks. After that, you pay a higher cost per click, depending on the category of your listing.

Here is a chart of the new pricing structure:

Category Cost Per Click
Auto $0.23
Books, Magazines, CDs, and DVDs $0.23
Auctions, Affiliate Malls & Coupon Sites $0.23
People & Relationships $0.30
Business Services $0.30
Professional/Consumer Services $0.30
Moving and Real Estate $0.30
Paid-Download Services $0.30
Retail $0.30
Ticket Services $0.30
Travel $0.30
Education $0.40
Jobs & Careers $0.40
Health Products $0.40
Credit/Bad Debt $0.75
Online Gaming $0.75
Finance/Insurance $0.75
Communications/Internet Hosting $0.75

How To Optimize For The LookSmart Directory

Visit the 'How To Submit To Web Directories' section for more information on how to submit and optimize your listings in the LookSmart directory.

LookSmart Directory Information

Documents Indexed 2.5 million
Unique Visitors (Monthly) 60 million
Audience Reach 1.7%
Searches (Daily) 45 million+
Search Engine Partner (Powered By) WiseNut
Supplies Results For Lycos, InfoSpace, Mamma, and CNET Search.
Partner Index Update A few days
Search Results Listing Order Sponsored Listings
Reviewed Websites
Directory Categories
Free Submission (Time to Index) Not Available
Submit Pages All important pages, if they fit under different product categories
Pages Indexed Only submitted URLs
Submission Limit (Daily) No Limit
Paid Inclusion? (Time to Index & Update + Costs) LookListings
Add new listing: $29
$0.15 per click through for first 5,000 clicks each
month, then $0.23-75 per click thereafter
Update listing: $19
Minimum monthly spend: $15
Ranking Data Submission form
Maximum Title Tag Length 65 characters
Maximum Description Tag Length 170 characters
Alphanumerical Ranking? In directory only
Home Page http://www.looksmart.com
Paid Submission LookListings
Free Submission Zeal Directory