Top 2 Metasearch Engines

Metasearch engines / metacrawlers do not crawl the web and index webpages. Instead they search other search engines simultaneously, compile the results, and display them either in groups, sorted by search engine employed, or by clustering them together and eliminating duplicates.

In other words metasearch engines allow you to search a number of search engines with one click. Because metasearch engines neither crawl and index sites, nor have a database of websites of their own, they cannot accept site submissions.

However, many metasearch engines do accept classified and/or pay per click listings for those who want guaranteed exposure.

Let's take a look at the top 2 metasearch engines.


Dogpile searches up to 11 search engines and displays the top 5 or 10 results from each search engine in a clustered format (listings from different search engines combined into one set of search results). It also offers listings by individual search engine.

Dogpile offers a paid inclusion service which also adds your webpages into the Search Partner Network (Dogpile, Verizon, WebCrawler, NBC, and MetaCrawler), with an option to add to Excite. The fees are really quite competitive, compared to other paid inclusion services. But I guess the reason is because the search network attracts far less searches than the top search engines.

Dogpile Information

Number of Search Engines and Web Directories Supported 11
Search Engines Supported Yahoo!, Google, FAST, Ask Jeeves, Overture, FindWhat, Sprinks, Ah-Ha, About, LookSmart, and Open Directory Project.
Clustered Search Results? Yes
Number of Search Results Per Page 20
Other Search Results Images, audio, multimedia, news, and shopping.
Search Engine Submission Paid Inclusion
Initial Index: Within 72 hours
Reindex: Every 48 hours
1 URL: $49.95/year
Up to 10 URLs: $99.95/year
Up to 50 URLs: $199.95/year
Up to 100 URLs: $249.95/year
Up to 500 URLs: $299.95/year
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Mamma is a metasearch engine that serves 21 million unique users a month on and her network of 14,000 third-party websites.

Mamma Information

Number of Search Engines and web Directories Supported 10
Search Engines Supported MSN, Ask Jeeves, Teoma, FindWhat, About, LookSmart, Open Directory Project, and Mamma Collection.
Clustered Search Results? Yes
Number of Search Results Per Page 15
Affiliate Sites (Powers) 14,000
Unique Visitors (Monthly) 21 million
Click Throughs (Monthly) 2.5 million
Other Search Results Audio, images, kids, and news
Pay Per Click Ads Mamma Classifieds
Cost Per Click: $0.15-$1.00
* Top three listings on's results pages and within the results of network partners.
* No monthly minimum spend.
* Fixed priced pay per click determined by category.
* Free professional campaign management.
Paid Inclusion Standard Submit
* Guaranteed site review within eight weeks.
* $29.99 + $19.99/year after first year.
Velocity Submit * Guaranteed site review within two business days.
* $59.99 + $19.99/year after first year.
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Pay Per Click Ads Mamma Classifieds (no longer available)
Paid Inclusion Mamma Collection Submission (no longer available)
Email Support
Telephone Support 1-888-844-2372 (US & Canada)