Q: I am setting up a new website, and was wondering whether it makes a difference if the domain name is 29 characters long. Is this too long? Will people frown on using a long name compared to a shorter one? It seems like most of my top 10 competitors use short domain names.

A: I would recommend a shorter domain name; the shorter the better. There are good reasons why domain names are short, and why all your competitors are using short names.

The benefits include:

  • easier to remember
  • less likely to be misspelled
  • more brandable

Q: I'm very interesting in implementing the strategies in your ebook. The ONLY concern I have is that search engines are a little sensitive to "aggressive" or "gimmicky" game playing, and quick to blackball websites. Is your methodology "conservative" in the sense that you won't lead me to do things that would "annoy" search engines and cause them to black-ball me? Being new to the game I want to learn the ropes without getting into trouble.

A: I totally understand your concern, and it is a most valid one. What I do in my book is teach you everything you need to know to get top rankings; legitimately. However, I do show you techniques used by "advanced" optimizers that can be construed as "onthe-borderline". I don't preach these techniques. I only show them to my students, so that they are aware of them. It is entirely up to you whether you use any of them. They are all categorized in one section of the book, so you can easily spot them.

Q: I remember it is possible that domains with hyphens and include keywords can be ranked higher than domains without the keywords, separated by hyphens. What I'm wondering is which domain should be the actual real domain of the site, and which ones should be submitted to the search engines?

A: To answer your question, let me show you what I have done with most of my sites. I have used www.domain-name.com and forwarded all www.domainname.com visitors to www.domain-name.com. I submit www.domain-name.com to the search engines. If I were to promote my domains offline, I would use www.domainname.com as it's easier for people to remember. Take a look at some of my domains at http://www.amgy.com (no longer available) to see what I mean.

Q: When I have my website analyzed by a keyword analyzer, it shows I have twenty-eight words with the name function. But that word appears nowhere. Do you have any ideas?

A: I'm not quite sure what you mean. But if you're saying a keyword analysis tool finds keywords on one of your web pages which you can't see, then it could be due to hidden keywords; keywords added to a webpage typically using the same font color as the background color to hide the text from visitors.

Did anyone else edit your web pages for you? If so, ask them what keywords they added to your webpages. Alternatively, search the HTML source code of the webpages to see if you can find the keywords.

Q: You mentioned the Internet Business Promoter (IBP) in your ebook. My question is, if I'm too lazy to go through your ebook (sorry, I am lazy), can I just use IBP to optimize my website?

A: Yes, you can use IBP to optimize your website. However, you'll more likely to get better results by understanding how SEO works and applying the knowledge in the book alongside any SEO tools you use.

Q: Many search engine gurus advocate mini-sites. In your experience, can a mini-site rank high in search engines for keywords with medium competition?

A: Yes. I have used so-called "mini-sites" to get high rankings on search engines for very competitive keywords.

Q: I am using SiteBuildIt (SBI) for my website. SBI already has a wellknown system for search engine optimization. In my case, do you advise me to buy search engine software, such as Internet Business Promoter (IBP) or WebPosition Gold (WPG)?

A: That is a very good question. I have seen many SBI sites achieve good rankings, so it must be doing something right. Having said that, there's no guarantee that SBI can or will get all SBI created sites into the top rankings. There are too many other variables that come into play.

As far as I know, SBI offers most of the main features offered by WPG and IBP. If that is the case, then there is no point in spending money on a program that does the same jobs. So, I would simply recommend applying the strategies and techniques in my book; something the SBI system cannot do.

Q: Currently my website is ranked 36 on Yahoo!, but it's still not listed on Google. My website is 2 months old. Am I being too impatient here?

A: No, you're not. Google should have picked it up by now, but only if you submitted it and/or it's linked from at least one or more sites that are already in the Google index. Having said that, there is no guarantee that Google would pick up your site. With gazillions of links on the internet, it is easy for search engine spiders to miss a link here and there. To improve your chances of getting indexed by Google, try to get as many websites already indexed in Google to link to yours.