3. How To Find Websites That Advertise Reciprocal Link Exchanges

The second way to find link exchange partners is to find websites that publicly offer link exchanges.

To find such sites, visit a search engine and search for:

links 'your keywords'

Include the quotation marks to ensure the search engine only return pages with the exact search phrases you enter. Try replacing, "links" with one of the following sets of search phrases:

resource resources
info information
partner partners

4. How To Find Websites That Accept Site Submissions

The third way to find websites to link to yours is to find sites that accept site submissions.

To find such sites, visit a search engine and search for:

"add url" "your keywords"

Try replacing, "add url" with one of the following sets of search phrases:

  • add site
  • add link
  • add a url
  • add a site
  • add a link
  • submit url
  • submit site
  • submit link
  • submit a url
  • submit a site
  • submit a link

In addition, you can also find site submission pages by searching for the actual page. So, try replacing the "add url" search phrase with one of the following page names:

  • addurl.html
  • addsite.html
  • addlink.html
  • addaurl.html
  • addasite.html
  • addalink.html
  • submiturl.html
  • submitsite.html
  • submitlink.html
  • submitaurl.html
  • submitasite.html
  • submitalink.html
  • add-url.html
  • add-site.html
  • add-link.html
  • add-a-url.html
  • add-a-site.html
  • add-a-link.html
  • submit-url.html
  • submit-site.html
  • submit-link.html
  • submit-a-url.html
  • submit-a-site.html
  • submit-a-link.html
  • add_url.html
  • add_site.html
  • add_link.html
  • add_a_url.html
  • add_a_site.html
  • add_a_link.html
  • submit_url.html
  • submit_site.html
  • submit_link.html
  • submit_a_url.html
  • submit_a_site.html
  • submit_a_link.html

I have discovered many relevant submission pages using these techniques.

How To Improve Your Internal Link Popularity Rating

Internal link popularity refers to links between webpages within a site.

Over the last few months I have noticed that search engines have reduced the importance of internal links between webpages. This must be the search engines answer to combating optimizers trying to improve link popularity by cross linking webpages within a site.

Anyhow, it is still an important linking strategy. Therefore I do recommend cross linking all your important pages. This will help to improve your link popularity rating, and enable you to improve the relevancy of more important keywords.

Cross linking your webpages also helps the search engine spiders find and index your most important pages quicker, especially if some pages are buried deep within your site.

Do Outgoing Links Improve Link Popularity?

Outgoing links refers to links pointing to other sites from your webpages. This issue of whether outgoing links contribute to link popularity is a hotly debated issue amongst the search engine optimization community.

The fact is, outgoing links do dilute the Google PageRank rating carried over to other pages by the rest of the links on the page.

Some SEO experts may not agree with me on this next point, but that''s OK.

I also believe that linking to other relevant websites can also help your search engine rankings, although it may not specifically help your link popularity as such.

Let me give you an example of why I believe this.

  1. Find a subcategory within the Yahoo! Directory.
  2. Search for the topic of that particular subcategory in a search engine such as Google. You are more than likely to find the Yahoo! Directory category page listed amongst the top 30 search results.

Here are some examples:

Search Term: communications and networking
Google Search: http://www.google.com/search?q=communications+and+networking
Ranking: #1
Yahoo! Directory Category: http://dir.yahoo.com/Computers_and_Internet/Communications_and_Netw orking/

Search Term: computer generated art
Google Search: http://www.google.com/search?q=computer+generated+art
Ranking: #1
Yahoo! Directory Category: http://dir.yahoo.com/Arts/Visual_Arts/Computer_Generated/

As you can clearly see, Yahoo! does not offer any substantial content for those particular topics. It merely offers links to relevant websites. Yet many of its web directory pages are considered as relevant pages for the search queries listed.

Is this a fluke? Is this limited to Google, because of its relationship with Yahoo?

I doubt it very much. Conduct the same search on other major search engines and you will find the same pages listed amongst the top ranked search results in those engines as well.

Some astute search engine optimizers have already gotten onto this fact and have designed links pages to take advantage of this. I have actually landed on these links pages as a result of a clicking through a top ranked Google listing.