How To Construct Links For Optimum Results

It is essential that you use the important keyword phrase exactly as people would enter into search engines in your incoming, internal and outgoing links.

In addition I highly recommend naming your files after the keyword phrase.

For example, if the page is about 'search engines,' the file name should be either 'search-engines.html' or 'search_engines.html'

And all links to the page should contain the exact keyword phrase, 'search engines.' Do not use the singular version of the keyword, which in our example would be, 'search engine' minus the 's.'

<a href='search-engines.html'>search engines</a>

Incoming Links Commonly Mistaken As Link Popularity Boosters

There are two types of incoming links that people commonly mistake as links that will boost their link popularity.

These are links from:

These links do not link directly to your site. Instead they link to their own site, for tracking purposes, which then redirects to the intended site. Search engines do not crawl and index these types of links. So these types of links will not help boost your link popularity rating.

What Are Link Farms & Why You Must Avoid Them At All Costs

Link farms are networks of heavily cross linked pages on one or more sites, with the sole intention of artificially improving the link popularity of those pages and websites. All of the major search engines consider such linking as spam, so stay clear of these types of links. So NEVER EVER use link farms in the vain hope of boosting your link popularity.

How can you spot a link farm?

Link farms typically give you a page of links to add to your website. The outgoing links point to other link pages belonging to other members of the link farm network. The link titles and descriptions are the same on all the link pages, which makes it easy for a search engine to detect the presence of link spamming.

Useful Software For Boosting Your Link Popularity

Link popularity software, such as SEO PowerSuite, will help you find, manage and monitor link exchange partners. Yes, you can find link popularity partners manually. But in the time it takes you to find 10 link exchange partners manually, SEO PowerSuite would have found 1,000 potential link partners for you.

  • SEO PowerSuite - Searches the internet looking for suitable reciprocal link exchange sites, based on the keywords you give. Arelis then evaluates each site, sets up a links directory and uploads it to your server. It then helps you email potential link partners by sending personalized reciprocal link email requests, after you visit and approve those sites you wish to include into your links directory.

How To Contact & Request Links From Link Exchanges Partners

In this section I will show you a sample email you can send to potential links exchange partners to request a link back to your site.

Link popularity software programs, such as Arelis, provide sample emails. However, I highly recommend you edit the email to suit your own style of writing. Do not simply use the default emails that come with programs like Arelis.


Because thousands of Arelis users also have access to the same email template. There's a good chance many of them would simply use the email offered by the program. You don't want your email to sound exactly the same as theirs. Be original. Inject some personality into your emails.

Once you have compiled a list of websites you wish to request links from, add a link to their website on your site. Then send an email to each site owner informing them that you have linked to their site and politely request a link back to your site.

Don't forget to use a subject line that will catch their attention without sounding like spam.